Let me preface this article by saying I hate noise. I hate crowds, I hate hearing people talk rubbish around me and I hate it most when I’m trying to work. Which is why the Silent Space booth at CES this year caught my attention.

Silent Space uses two separate mechanisms in order to ‘create silence’ – the first is a microphone to detect how much noise is in the room, it indicates this with an LED strip around the noise generator.

The second mechanism is the sound ‘diffuser’ that emits a neutral and ‘homogeneous’ signal that makes it incredibly hard to hear things around you.

In plain English, there’s a little device about the size of an apple that will sit on a long arm, letting out a really deep and almost inaudible sound that acts as a blocker to surrounding noise. You’d install one in every cubicle or few square metres and create sound barriers around the office.

Super cool concept, interesting delivery but the big question is whether or not we’ll see it in mass production. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest from Silent Space.