Not since Russell Crowe showed off the guns has there been a gladiator as good as this! Jeep are capturing the crowds at CES with one of their smartest products in a long time.

Take the MY19 Jeep Wrangler, already a good thing, and simply stretch the wheelbase. This formula has already worked for Jeep when they transformed the Wrangler into the Wrangler Unlimited, instantly turning a capable but niche product into something altogether more useful.

We wrote about the Gladiator when it was announced, so check that out for the full details. But the Gladiator takes this concept one step further. By stretching the Wrangler Unlimited wheelbase even more, Jeep have increased functionality, and no doubt sales. The thing looks fantastic. It will steal sales from Ranger/Hilux/Navara style uses on looks alone, while being more user friendly than the truly agricultural Landcruiser. All of the rugged features of the Wrangler remain while the addition of the rear tub boosts load space.

The Gladiator badge is not new for Jeep, but marketing Gladiator as a life style product certainly is. I’m in the market for a dual cab ute. I’m waiting for the Gladiator; it’s that good!