Here at we normally put a ‘guys’ bent on the tech, cars and lifestyle that we report on. Here is an exception and I’ve got a hot tip; if you are a new dad or dad-to-be YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT THIS.

We all know that there are many benefits to breast feeding but it can also put mums in a really tricky position. Simply put, baby can’t always go where the food source needs to be. Breast pumps are the solution and have been around for ever, but they are awkward and can cause embarrassment. The solution seems to be the Willow Pump.

Show at CES, the Willow people say that their breast pump is “the first-ever, in-bra, wearable breast pump that doesn’t get between you and living life”.

Willow say that their pump is so compact and quiet that it can be worn inside a bra while at work or even at yoga. Dads, this is GOOD news because it means we can help out with the bub and give Mum a much needed break. Better still, the iOS and Android apps track milk volume, pump time and past sessions. Dishwasher safe, milk is collected in bags that can be thrown straight in the freezer.

An odd topic for Absolutely. A worthwhile use of technology? You bet.

Flipsy approved.