CES is home to some seriously cool products and really innovative concepts that I’m not sure anyone’s ever asked for – one of those is the Pocket Sky. Don’t get me wrong, just because this product hasn’t been asked for doesn’t mean that it isn’t absolutely brilliant.

In essence, for a maximum of 20 minutes the Pocket Sky projects pure blue light into your eyes. What does that do? Blue light is well known for reducing/blocking the production of melatonin in the body, keeping you awake. So by projecting this light in your eyes, the Pocket Sky is essentially urging your body to stay awake.

Your first concern, as was mine is whether or not this type of device is safe. Truly I’m not sure. Supposedly there is no harm in projecting blue light into your eyes, but if I was selling these I’d tell me the same thing as well.

Quite honestly after wearing the Pocket Sky I actually was feeling quite refreshed, but the skeptic in me knows that could be the placebo effect. Either way I’m excited to see this product make it to market later this year – pricing is currently unknown.