This is a winner from Sony. Plenty of hype around a Vinyl revival over recent years, and Sony had a stunner turntable just a few years back here at CES, but this year – they get you. They know you.

You’ve got your families Vinyl record collection, but you don’t have a HiFi system to hook a Vinyl player up to. So you don’t bother.

No more – the Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable has Bluetooth.

Yep, wireless Vinyl sound!

Pair your speaker, sound system or headphones and enjoy the crackles of the 45 as it finds the start of the track.

There is an audio cable too if you’re so inclined, so it’s not just for the trendy.

We’re told the PS-LX310BT will be available in Australiain May at a retail price of $299