Node-ify are a US company that are trying to make smart homes more accessible. As convenient as having a connected home is, there’s no denying that they’re very expensive… so it’s nice to see a product like the Axon that’s looking to make them a little more accessible. It looks a little like this;

The Axon is capable of telling you how long you’ve been laying in bed, whether or not you’ve left the door open, how much water your dog has left in their bowl and whether or not you took your pills. There’s about a thousand other uses but I can’t sit here and list them all.

It works on a series of sensors in a very specific environment to essentially tell you whatever you want it to. For example if you want to know whether or not someone has taken their pills, you’d keep the pill box on top of the Axon and enable the scale – now it can tell you whether or not anything has moved.

The Node-ify Axon is a great bridging product for the uninitiated in the smart device world as it’s small, non-invasive and SHOULD be relatively cheap. While we don’t know when the Axon will be on shelves, it’s good to know the technology is out there and on the way.