New Subscribers of Stan will have to shell out a few extra dollars for higher quality and increased screen plans after a small price hike which has gone live on the Stan website.

Critically, the basic Stan. package is still $10, allowing them to maintain that marketing advantage, but for the bees knees package you’ll now need $17 a month not $15.

There are no other changes to note in the pricing, other than the monthly fee on the Standard and Premium packages.

Here’s the old pricing:

Here’s the New pricing:

The new price plans

It’s a tiny increase, and given the quality and range available in the Stan Service – still bloody well worth it.

No word yet if there are any changes for existing account holders, we’ve reached out to Stan to confirm.

Readers have confirmed to EFTM they’re getting price hikes too as existing customers, as Rob points out – his Standard price has jumped from $12 to $14:

Thanks for the tip Dan!