Happy Lunar New Year! In celebration of this annual event and their latest developments in AI, Google have released their Shadow Art AI experiment. They teased this tech back in September of last year, but have decided it’s time for the public to have a crack at what is essentially a game.

Shadow Art screengrab.gif

By clicking this link and heading over to the ‘Shadow Art’ page on your phone or laptop, you’ll be faced with the challenge of creating shadow puppets in front of your camera. The symbols you’ll be creating? The twelve zodiac animals! Starting with your birth symbol.

This challenge is significantly harder than you’d think. It took me an embarrassing five minutes to do mine… The role AI plays in this piece of tech is in the identification of the camera input, the self-learning occurs each time the game is played.

The whole experience can be as short as two minutes if you’re any good. It’s an interesting little project from Google that you should check out this Lunar New Year.