If the fear was the first 5G phones will be big, bulky, ugly, and not quite on par with the existing crop of smartphones – think again – we’ve seen one from LG and now the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G gives us even more reason to get excited.

Telstra’s offer of a free upgrade to the S10 5G for those that buy the S10+ on a contract seemed a touch desperate, but in fact, it could shape up to be the smartphone deal of the decade.

Having used the Galaxy S10+ for a week now, I can tell you it’s a bloody good phone. Great screen, Great camera, but more on that later.

The Galaxy S10 5G though is better – an extra camera for new features, and an even bigger screen – but is there a compromise?

Nope. Hands on and side by side, yep it’s bigger. Also heavier. But it has a bigger screen and a bigger battery – so, no shock sherlock.

I’m surprised by how “Galaxy S” this is, and it makes me wonder so much more about the short term future of 5G handsets, because this year is shaping up to be way more of a 5G year than I expected.

Nope, you probably won’t get 5G at your place. But when you do wander past a 5G area, be worth doing a speed test for sure.

No release date or pricing on the Galaxy S10 5G – but we expect it to be April or at the latest in May.

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