You might have a great WiFi network in terms of coverage and speed, but when it comes to modern networks the missing link may well be security.

Thanks to a new partnership between Linksys and Trend Micro, Velop Tri-Band users can now enable a product called Linksys Shield.

This subscription adds a software layer to your network to provide new levels of content filtering.

The Filter flags any site containing adult, violent or unwanted content – and allows you to choose the types of sites you want your kids to see.

There’s also an advanced protection to stop you stumbling across any unknown threats and malicious sites.

In terms of parental controls you’ll get the ability so schedule screen time and pause the internet on any given device – punishment anyone?

Justin Doucette, senior director of product development at Linksys says “Linksys prides itself on Wi-Fi performance including speed, coverage, and reliability and premium user experience enabled by software enhancements,”

“We want to put the control back into the hands of our users, so they feel empowered to protect themselves and their loved ones from any potential danger in the digital world their own way.”

“Having Linksys continue to select us as their security partner of choice makes us very proud,” said Hideyuki Tsugane, director of IoT business development at Trend Micro. “Together we are helping protect the homes and minds of Linksys users by securing their digital information in our exceedingly connected world.”  

It all comes to existing users via a firmware update you can initiate in the Linksys app.

Parental control subscriptions for your Velop will cost $7.49 per month, or $75.99 for a year.