Off the back of CES 19 there is no doubt that 5G and AI are two of the most prevalent and fastest growing technologies – you’d have to be hiding under a rock to be out of the loop there. It’s similarly not too difficult to predict the behemoth that is the eSport industry as a huge player into the future… but broadcast radio? Five will get you ten that absolutely nobody would have put such a traditional medium in with these new-age giants.

However we’re hearing from Deloitte in their 2019 TMT Predictions Report that broadcast radio will “become an increasingly appreciated advertising medium in Australia in 2019. Radio remains the most resilient and trusted form of traditional media, and more media buyers will target radio to reach younger generations in 2019.” – Which sounds reasonable to me… but as an employee of the industry maybe I’m bias.

Prediction stock image… I’ll try be more creative I promise.

The arguments don’t have to be made for 5G and AI but in essence, Deloitte are saying that Australia is on track to sell over 50,000 5G ready mobile phones this year alone and that we’ll be among the first countries to deploy the technology to consumers.

As far as Artificial Intelligence is concerned, the prediction is that we’re most likely to see the technology used by businesses for customer service and in business operations such as the new UBank digital advisor ‘Mia’.

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