Prepare yourselves for the ‘digital human’ Mia, who’s coming to a screen near you this month to help throughout the UBank home loan application process. Regardless of your opinion on digital assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, they’re here to stay and are clearly moving into bigger and better spaces as of 2019.

UBank’s Mia

Mia is short for ‘My Interactive Agent’ and will be accessible throughout the UBank application process to take questions from customers on a range of topics.

Partnering with FaceMe, a company known for their AI-powered ‘digital humans’, for all intents and purposes you’ll be face-to-face with Mia and have the ability to ‘interact’ with an agent each step of the way.

Another FaceMe Digital Assistant

UBank aren’t removing their live chat service, simply complementing it with this robot – which will be entirely necessary for the first few years of this AI as the general public get more comfortable with and begin to put faith in digital assistants.

We’re told Mia will be in action later this month so head over to the UBank website and take a peek into the future in the next few weeks.