We all love our radio here at EFTM especially the DAB+ and FM bands. We recently reviewed the JBL Tuner that is a truly portable, Bluetooth radio. But if you’re really into your aesthetics you may be interested in this product from PURE, the Evoke H3. PURE back in the day were one of the pioneers of digital radio but often produced retro looking devices.

I should note first of all this is also a portable speaker but does require a portable proprietary battery that lasts 30 hours. You’ll also need chargePAK to recharge it. The speaker produces a decent, balanced sound. I’d hardly describe it as room filling, but it’s certainly a worthy companion to keep you entertained in smaller areas. 

There are 40 pre-sets for storing all your favourite stations and a handy colour screen that displays various menus. Controlling the device is simple via a rotating toggle on top and various buttons around it. It’s is priced at RRP $249.99. Check our video review!