Let’s be very clear, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is coming to Australia, but the price and date is not yet announced – so what I’m going to do here is give you my best estimate based on a few important factors.

Firstly, we have a US price. $1980! Ouch.

So some context and comparison.

The Galaxy S10e is hitting $749 in the US, while it will be $1199 in Australia.

If you remove the GST from our price (US prices do not include the state taxes), then look at the rate of conversion, it’s about 68/69 c in our Dollar.

For the S10 it’s $899 in the US and $1349 in Australia, working out at 73c in the Dollar. For the S10+ it’s almost the same – around 73c.

So – apply that conversion to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and add our GST – this is going to be a $2970 phone, so lets call it $2,999.

Whatever the case, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is set to be the most expensive Smartphone ever sold in Australia – you keen?

Trevor Long travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Samsung Australia