I’ve had a thing for electric scooters since I first saw a Lime Scooter in San Jose many years back. Hop on, one scoot with your foot then the accelerator under your thumb is all you need – well, plus the brake.

So when I got the chance to try one at home, I jumped on it.

The Ninebot E22 is a cracking bit of kit. I didn’t know where to file this on EFTM – Tech, Cars or Lifestyle, it ticks all the boxes!

With around a 22km range this thing will go around 15km an hour in eco mode. It can do more, but, it’s not really necessary from what I saw.

Though, I will preface this whole thing by saying – while this got me round well, it didn’t get me up the hills too well. For a bloke topping 100kg, it doesn’t have the grunt. This is for someone with a fitter form. But don’t worry, there’s models coming for all of us.

The E22 folds down with the simple tap of your foot on the folding mechanism, though it’s sturdy and well locked in during normal use.

Like all electric scooters, you push start, one foot on, give it a bit of oomph with the other foot then squeeze the accelerator under your right thumb.

In the controlled confines of the EFTM office block, on a deserted Saturday afternoon, I even let the kids have a go.

It’s recommended 14+, and my near on 14 year old loved it.

The two little ones couldn’t wipe the smile of their dials having experienced a few quick laps.

It’s fun, for sure.

But in reality, its highly practical too.

App linked by Bluetooth you can see all the rides you’ve taken, but most importantly you can simply fold it up and put it in the boot of the car.

A scoot to the shops, park the car in a free parking area and scoot the extra distance to work, whatever the use, it’s a buzz.

Problematically, they’re only legal to ride in NSW and I think South Australia. So you’ll need to check on your state legislation.

Riding it around the office complex to get the mail is fun, and lazy – yes, I can year you muttering that, but this is a vision into a future form of mobility.

They’re available now for pre-order at JB Hi-Fi and I’d suggest given how popular and well respected the Segway brand is, this Ninebot E22 will do very well.

At $999 it’s not cheap, but I think with more to come, and potential regulation changes on the radar, there’s some real life in this market.

This Segway Ninebot product is robust in construction, strong materials and doesn’t have a single hint of being over-valued, it’s a quality product.

Web: JB HiFi & Mi Store (soon)