iPad cases are much of a muchness right?  The real difference is when they come with a keyboard – to really take advantage of the post-PC era as Apple love to call it.

But those cases can often cost big bucks.  And that’s not just limited to iPad.  Surface accessories are expensive too.

That’s why this one from Officeworks was worth mentioning – at $79 it’s super affordable, and it’s got a great case, snug fit and quite a strong keyboard too.

The keys are high and very comfortable, pairing is a breeze, so there’s no reason to worry.

Frankly, the only thing I’ve had to complain about is the lack of a “TAB” key – which is present on other Folios, so I’m unsure why it would be missing here.  UPDATE: You can access the tab function by using the alternate Q key holding down the FN button and Q – but, it’s no “tab key” so still a pain, but you can get by!

Works a treat, worth a look – great gift too – fits the current model iPad “Air”.

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