The Extra Bass series by Sony has been around for quite some time now, including some really groovy speakers back in 2017, and they’ve decided to continue impressing the fans with the latest and greatest in this range – the WH-XB700 headphones.

These bad boys are wireless and boast up to 30-hours worth of battery life, quite easily enough to get through two days of solid use. If you’re listening to music more than 15 hours per day I’m genuinely concerned for your well-being…

Like most new wireless devices, the WH-XB700’s have a quick charge feature, giving you up to 1.5 hours of battery with only 10 minutes of charging – nifty little feature if you’re forgetful or otherwise unable to organise yourself (primarily talking to myself here).

They are compatible with the Sony Headphones Connect app that gives you all of the customization for the bass/treble, surround and sound position controls.

They’ve got Google Assistant AND Amazon Alexa built-in, the function is as easy as tapping the button on the left-side cup and laying out your demands… how good are our digital slaves.

The new Sony WH-XB700’s are coming to Australia next month and available on shelves for $249.95.