Elon Musk today took to the stage at the Telsa Design Center in California to reveal Tesla’s next car – the Model Y.

Before bringing the car on stage, Musk took a long time to walk through the company’s history – a performance aimed at both investors and the media as he looked to draw a line in the sand about just how far Tesla had come.

At one point he noted Tesla was the first company to achieve mass automotive production in 100 years, he also noted that the big car companies were now going electric, and rather than seeing that as a challenge, he almost pulled out a “Mission Accomplished” banner by stating that their objective always has been to lead the world onto a path of electric and sustainable energy.

Showing their production plant, their battery production and the under construction Chinese factory, there was a genuine sense of scale to the Tesla Musk portrayed today.

He also pointed out that in their 11 years, they’ve now produced half a million cars, and noted that in a year that number would double.

It was, by any measure an impressive presentation, despite Musk’s failings as a public speaker. He played off the loyal and loving crowd, and that freestyle approach really worked.

The Model Y is the company’s seventh vehicle, but only the fifth to be on sale to the public (the New Roadster and Tesla Semi Truck are still to come)

It’s based entirely on the Model 3 platform, making production a more simple step up for the factory as it was Model S to Model X, rather than the difficult task of establishing the Model 3 production line.

Prices will start at $39,000 – just $4,000 more than the Model 3, while the Dual Motor All Wheel Drive variant will top the range at $61,000 – these are US dollar prices of course.

The first Model Y’s are more than a year away from production, and the base model two years, so strap yourself in for a long long wait folks.

This of course comes as the Model 3 still hasn’t hit Australia, many years after being announced, so goodness knows when the Y will make it here.

It’s a good looking car, but it’s two years away – so – let’s relax – the big name Car Companies will have done a LOT more in that time.