If you are chewing through data on a 4G mobile broadband plan there’s a new solution to hook you up with a mega 500GB of data every month.

Many people don’t have or want a fixed line broadband plan at home, and there’s plenty of reasons for that – you can’t yet get NBN, you have a slow NBN technology or you do as much of your data consumption on the go as you do at home. This is when Mobile Broadband is perfect.

Not shy of a headline, OVO are back with a new OVO Boom XXL plan which offers 500GB of data for $109.95.

This is a prepaid deal, and the data lasts 30 days.

Below that for $79.95 you get 250GB, or 100GB for $64.95.

“Consumers are tired of the excuses fixed internet providers give and are looking for something fast, flexible and that fits with their lifestyle – OVOBoom gives them what they need the way they want it, and it’s great value too” said OVO CMO Nicole McInnes.

“Many of our customers are from a generation of renters who grew up on mobile, and typically leave home each day with a variety of connected devices and they expect to be able to access whenever and wherever they go.”

“With OVOBoom, coupled with a portable modem, they can connect multiple devices at a time. We know this audience is multi-screening, they’re streaming audio and video content while they’re working, studying and even gaming. With our 500GB prepaid offering, they can do all of that on a single data plan, wherever they are.”

Pretty good deal that.