Unlock your car with your smartphone – yep. Hyundai have that.

Keyless entry has never been more real – now, with the help of new technology from Hyundai, you can unlock and start your car just from your smartphone.

Yes yes, I know there’s advanced cars out there with similar technology now like a BMW or a Tesla, but folks, we’re talking about a Hyundai!

In development by Hyundai the idea is to replace the traditional key and use an app which can be used by up to four people per car.

NFC technology in your phone is used by the car to detect the presence of an authorised device and hey presto – you’re in.

An NFC antenna would be placed in the door handle, and another near the phone charging pad in the car – both used to authorise the unlock and then starting of the car.

Because each user is unique, you can also store personalised settings like mirror, seat and steering wheel position for each user.

For a bit of smarts, the digital keys can be limited in duration or even certain features – so you could issue your courier delivery driver with a key to open the boot!! Or your brother in law a key just to drive it for the weekend.

Hyundai say they’ll gradually implement the technology into new cars starting later this year.

Unlock your car with your smartphone – yep. Hyundai have that.
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