The eSports league and tournament organizer Mogul have today opened registrations for a new Australian Apex Legends competition, with a massive prize pool of $35,000.

Mogul are a platform that have developed fully autonomous tournament creation – making it significantly easier for everyone to partake in a bit of competitive fun.

Apex Legends was only released about two months ago but has built a pretty strong following in the peak of the battle royale craze, with tournaments like this only building the hype.

Mogul brings a fresh approach to eSports for Australian-based players. Open to everyone, the Australian Apex Open is the first big money tournament for all Australians to compete in, not just a select group of invitees, and it’s free to enter” said Jamie Skella, Mogul Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer.

The top prize is $15,000 with the other $20,000 to be distributed among the other teams. While Australian tournaments have traditionally been played out at LAN, due to our terrible internet speeds, Mogul believe the landscape is changing.

“The era of big cash prize tournaments being restricted to LAN is now behind us. The proliferation of broadband internet and the arrival of new state-of-the-art tournament systems such as Mogul’s mean we can take the ‘big stage’ online and deliver enormous opportunities to competitive gamers frequently”

For your chance to win, you can register now at;