You certainly don’t see many Mahindra’s getting around and it’s not hard to nominate a few reasons why. One, brand recognition. The Indian company is a relatively unknown entity here. Two, the design language is polarising at best and three, well do you really want to be the guy that bought a Mahindra. 

However, a new limited edition (aren’t all Mahindra’s limited edition) black mHawk Pikup (yes, no C) has just been announced and National Manager is pretty keen to spread the word, “We are very excited to announce that this is the first time that Mahindra has offered a limited-edition vehicle to the Australian public. It was designed in Australia, for Australian conditions.”

The limited-edition model comes with the same 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine and six-speed manual, but as you’d expect some extra special bits and pieces are bolted on. There’s a new interior, 17-inch black rims, black alloy sports bar and side steps. 

The list goes on with a black decal set and even black flares. For those in the market for a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) the Mahindra is worth a look for those who have wallets occupied mostly by cobwebs. Pricing starts at $38,990 and is backed by a comforting five-year limited warranty. 

Mahindra also offer drive away deals on 4×2 Single Cab S6 Turbo Diesel Utes from just $23,990. That includes an aluminium tray, Bluetooth, cruise control plus a free ladder rack and tow bar.

Or Tradies can choose the 4×4 Single Cab S6 Turbo Diesel from $26,990