Two things have seemed very much out of whack in the world of smart devices and streaming TV. Amazon’s streaming service doesn’t support Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV owners can’t use YouTube. Ridiculous.

Until now.

In what looks like a sweetheart deal along the lines of you scratch my back I’ll scratch your’s Amazon is giving it’s customers something, while Google owners get something too.

Amazon Prime Video subscribers who own a Google Chromecast can now stream Amazon videos to Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV owners can now watch YouTube directly with their remote.

It’s a simple thing really, but long long overdue.

“We are excited to work with Amazon to launch the official YouTube apps on Fire TV devices worldwide,” said Heather Rivera, Global Head of Product Partnerships at YouTube.“Bringing our flagship YouTube experience to Amazon Fire TV gives our users even more ways to watch the videos and creators they love.”

“We’re excited to bring the Prime Video app to Chromecast and Android TV devices, and to give our customers convenient access to the shows and movies they love,” said Andrew Bennett, Head of Worldwide Business Development for Prime Video. “Whether watching the latest season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, catching teams go head-to-head on Thursday Night Football or renting a new-release movie, customers will have even more ways to stream what they want, whenever they want, no matter where they are.”

About bloody time…