Yesterday one of his cars spontaneously combusted, or at least appeared to pending a full investigation. Since then Elon Musk has gone on the offensive via Twitter, which to be fair has some merit.

Although of those million combustion engine fires I’m tipping the vast majority occurred in accidents. As opposed to a parked car blowing up without warning.

But that aside Elon has also been busy today with news Tesla are going to make a quite, electric leaf blower. I assumed obviously incorectly that these had been around for awhile.

Now our Dictator Trevor Long is performing parental duties this week, but I just had to break the news to him. I assumed he’d be wrapped, being a tech head and all that. It appears not.

Don’t worry Trev you will get that Model 3 eventually, or at least some of it inside this new blower as per the below Tweet. I can’t work out who’s more random, The Donald or Mr Musk?