The fact we live in a day and age when I can say “Hey Siri turn the sprinkler on” I think is bloody tops. Others I’ve found just think it’s completely ridiculous. For example, over the weekend I’ve been playing around with the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller. Such was my enthusiasm for this product my friendly neighbour popped his head over the fence like Wilson from Home Improvement and said, “Did I just hear you say hey Siri turn the sprinkler on?” Well you know what, yes, he did!

The Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller is a box shaped device that screws onto your existing tap and then to your hose. Set up is as easy as that, aside from installing the AA batteries. Once that’s done the Aqua Smart connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or iPad. Using the HomeKit app you’ll soon find a button that allows you to open and shut the internal valve in the controller. 

You’ll need to make sure you have solid connections on both your hose and tap, because the tap needs to be on constantly. The controller simply acts as an on and off valve. Via the Eve app there’s a host of information on tap, so to speak, such as water flow rates, estimated consumption for tracking your usage and the ability to set schedules. 

Like all Eve products the controller relies on a Bluetooth connection. Unfortunately, in this instance the range is not so great. You almost need to be within direct line of sight for it to work remotely. Other Eve products like its Door & Window Contact sensors that I use don’t have this problem at all. But I’m told they’re working on a fix.

One other issue I found was my son finding the manual power button on the device, like any other button he simply had to push it several hundred times when playing in the backyard. Thankfully I’ve since found there’s a child lock, so problem solved.

You will need the latest generation Apple TV or a compatible iPad to operate as hubs for remote access, plus iOS 11.4 or later. It’s a handy little product, but honestly, I can see the novelty factor wearing off quickly. It costs $179.95 in the Apple Store.