Over the last week I’ve been walking around the house like a coal miner. Attached to my head has been basically a headlamp, minus the helmet. But this no ordinary headlamp, this is a Bluetooth connected little baby that is so bright I swear parts of the Blue Mountains were lit up from my backyard.

Now I have been known to exaggerate, but the Ledlenser MH11 is seriously powerful. At up to 1000 lumens via a boost mode you won’t miss much while you’re out and about. Via the Ledlenser Connect app you’re able to adjust power, create profiles and change the colour of the light itself.

Thanks to the RGB front light, Red, Green and Red are available, which may serve a purpose for fishing and hunting purposes. I know my nearly two-year-old found it amusing while I flicked through the colours in the app.

Plus, the MH11 is rechargeable via the internal included battery. The light itself has multiple modes such as a blink, boost, S.O.S and strobe functions. The beam itself can be pivoted up or down and adjusted for a wider or narrower spread of light.

It has an IP54 water rating so should hold up during a heavy downpour.

The Ledlenser MH11 will set you back $249.95.

Web: ledlenser.com.au