Aussie company Rode are at it again, launching a new product for filmmakers wanting a better audio solution with the Compact Wireless Go.

Rode’s existing wireless microphone solution for filmmakers is an outstanding and high quality product. The Rode Filmmaker Kit includes a transmitter and receiver and a lapel microphone for professional look at result.

But for someone looking for a simpler “clip and go” solution Rode have this new Wireless Go. It’s two small units, one of which attaches to your camera, the other has like a belt clip which can clip onto a shirt or jacket.

There’s no need for a lapel microphone because the transmitter which your talent will wear has a built-in microphone so it really is just a power on and clip to record.

The market here isn’t really at all to replace the Filmmaker Kit, but it makes for a really easy way to “mic up” your talent if you’re out and about.

As a clip-on unit it’s tiny – just over 4cm squared, and weighing just 31 grams it’s hardly noticeable.

Having had a little look at a sample and now looking at photos, it is a bulky looking unit when compared to a lapel – so you’d need to be framing it out of your shot or happy with it showing.

There is a microphone input for a lapel, so in fact it may turn out to be the perfect simple and compact replacement for the Filmmaker Kit for many Amateur or hobbyist videographer.

RODE CEO Damien Wilson says “The Wireless GO is an incredible marriage of form and function, substance and style,”

“Pristine audio, versatility and build quality, and a price that will reset the marketplace. Video content is a vital part of everyone’s business, and the simplicity offered by the Wireless GO’s built-in mic means that everyone can produce broadcast quality audio along with their vision: emerging filmmakers, reporters, real estate agents – you name it.