As if it wasn’t enough for DJI to be the dominating brand in Drones over the years, their high end Osmo Camera rigs have been the key to much of the great online video we’ve seen in recent years too. Now, they’ve got their eyes on GoPro’s core business – Action Cameras.

GoPro tried the drone thing – that didn’t work out great. GoPro’s recent action cameras have been remarkable with the image stabilisation within the Hero 7 Black a genuine next level improvement.

But coming from making stabilisation rigs and cameras like the Osmo Mobile, Osmo Pocket and more, it stands to reason DJI would incorporate that technology right into a camera.

“DJI has always pushed the limits of technology, and the content creators who love our products made clear they wanted us to push the limits of their creative potential too. Osmo Action is our cutting-edge answer to what the creative community demands. Exceptional image quality and stabilization in a unique and durable new form factor, with dual colour screens and seamless software integration. For all types of creators who push their gear to the limits, Osmo Action sets the new standard,” said Roger Luo, DJI President. “Whether you are capturing aerial content with Mavic 2, incredibly smooth content with Osmo Pocket, or heart-racing footage with Osmo Action, DJI offers a full suite of products for your creative needs.”

The Osmo Action goes on sale today for $499 and is pretty much all you’d want in an Action Cam.

Shockproof, Waterproof, Sub Zero tested, it records in 4K at 60fps at 100Mbps, with 12 megapixel photos.

Then there’s the screens. A nice widescreen on the back to see what’s shooting, but perhaps most impressively, a screen on the front too.

At 1.4 inches it’s tiny – but think about the applications here for Vloggers, and for us here at EFTM making in-car videos. Framing up a GoPro requires either a twisted neck or the use of an app to see the framing.

Switching between photo and video recording is possible with three dedicated buttons meaning it should be less “menu” based and a touch simpler than others.

And to top that all off, they have a feature called SnapShot which means Osmo Action will turn on and begin recording in under two seconds.

Without the need of a seperate stabilisation rig, Osmo Action has a feature called “RockSteady” which is DJI’s Electronic Image Stabilisation technology. This works even at 4K 60fps recording. And up to 4K/30fps offers the option of HDR video also.

There’s a lot more to know, but we’ll work that out when we put it to the test over the next two weeks. It’s online at DJI now for $499 and should be in retailers in June.