How often do you take a good look at your Pizza when you open the box and think – wait – that doesn’t look like it did on the website?

Well Domino’s hears you and have launched a new pizza checker called DOM – which they say is “set to drastically improve product quality and consistency throughout all Domino’s stores”

It’s essentially a camera system that sits above the preparation area and uses some level of “artificial intelligence” to check and grade the pizza based on how it looks.

If it’s not right – they’ll make it again. Taking it one step further, later this year, you’ll also receive a real-time image of your pizza on the cutting bench letting you know if it passed the test or is being remade.

“For anyone who has ever been disappointed with their pizza for any reason – maybe there was hardly any pepperoni on it, or not enough cheese – rest assured, we have heard you! And we’re determined to make it right,” Domino’s ANZ CEO Nick Knight said.

So, next level tech – or too much information?

Whatever the case – I’ll be taking a bloody good look at my pizza from now on!