Samsung Australia has launched three new washing machines and two dryers. They’re larger, more stylish and feature the very latest technological advancements.    

The Head of Consumer Electronics, Jeremy Senior said: “Australian households and their daily needs are evolving, requiring appliances that can allow them to get more done in less time. Samsung’s expanded laundry line-up offers Australians more choices that align with their daily routines but also offer premium design and connectivity functionality, so they can focus on more important things.”

The QuickDrive range, has the ability to wash clothes up to 50 per cent quicker and importantly uses 20 per cent less energy. On the style front the new 8.5kg black Inox model looks the part and is available with a matching 9kg dryer. There’s also a new white 8.5kg model that includes the Auto Dispense feature. This weighs each load to deliver the correct  dose of detergent every time. 

Samsung states that black is the go-to colour when it comes to modern design according to most Australians. So as a result, Samsung is also launching a black stainless 16kg ultra-large washing machine, it also scores the Auto dispense feature and a new 10kg Heatpump Dryer. 

Using Samsung’s SmartThings app the new models use the Q-rator Laundry Assistant. In short this means users can start, stop and monitor their load remotely. Q-rator also now includes Cloud Cycles, which is a list of special care cycles that can be downloaded.  

Samsung 16kg AddWash

Finally, and this would be my favourite feature. All the new machines include the AddWash door, which allows you to open the door if you’ve forgotten to add an item. A common problem at my house!

Prices range from $3,399 for the 16kg Samsung AddWash to $2,599 for the 9kg Heat Pump Dryer. 

The new Samsung machines are on sale now.