This is one of those really interesting products that looks like it could do so much but really does just what you need – the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Not designed for the kitchen or lounge room like a Smart Display might be, the Smart Clock is made for the bedroom – to help you unwind at the end of the day, get started in the morning and enjoy your music – and tell the time.

Google Assistant on-board means it’s got voice control so you can command your smart home or your music, and the 4 inch touch screen allows some basic controls too.

Because you can speak to it, you can say “hey Google, Good night” and set your lights to go down some music to come on etc.

The screen can show upcoming calendar appointments and there’s a USB port on the back for charging your phone if you still need that nearby.

Under the hood is a full range 6W speaker and two passive radiators, enough to really fill your room.

You might want to put it out of reach though if you struggle to get out of bed – the alarm can be dismissed or snoozed with a tap of the Lenovo Smart Clock.

It’s powers are only limited by what you have in your home that works with Google Assistant.

Pre Orders are open now, and the Lenovo Smart Clock will be in stores from June 6 at JB Hi-Fi, Havery Norman, Officeworks and The Good Guys.