There’s a new Ferrari on the way called the SF90 Stadale with a mid-engine petrol 3.9-litre V8. But this ain’t no ordinary Ferrari, it’s also the brands first plug-in hybrid. There are an additional three electric motors onboard, one between the engine and 8-speed dual-clutch transmission and two on the front axle, making it an all-wheel-drive supercar.

The electric motors combined produce 162kW. A Li-ion battery provides power to all three motors and is capable of up to 25 kilometres of purely electric driving at up to 135km/h. All up the SF90 is capable of an enormous 735kW, with the V8 producing 573kW on its own. The resulting torque figure is an epic 800Nm 

The LaFerrari was a hybrid but the SF90 has a smaller engine and plug-in charging abilities. So, what we have here is a PHEV Ferrari that can dash to 100km/h in 2.5-seconds flat. Who said electrified cars aren’t exciting, but you’ll need a stack of cash laying around to secure one with local pricing set to surpass 1.5-million!