If you’re looking for a durable yet highly functional fitness watch that isn’t made by one of the major players, then the Suunto 5 Sports Watch may be for you.

These watches are slim, compact and are designed to be comfortable. The market for this kind of device is for genuine sports enthusiasts and not for those who simply like the idea of a basic fitness tracker but aren’t committed to hardcore exercise, like our Dictator Trevor Long.

One of the most important factors when deciding on a fitness device is battery life. The Sunnto 5 has intelligent battery modes that can see it juiced up for potentially 40 hours. It learns the user’s training patterns and sends reminders to charge before the next session.

Suunto 5 is also like a training companion, with enough smarts to coach you if you’re going too hard or vice versa motivate you when you need a bit if a pep talk.

It’s also a stress and sleep tracker allowing users to be sufficiently recovered for the next round. There’s also over 80 customisable sports modes, so more than enough fo your preferred sport or activity.

Interestingly the Suunto 5 can connect others user’s together via what they call Heatmaps. Via an app these Heatmaps show where and by what route people are training. It’s simply a matter of syncing the device and off you go treading the same path as other adventurous types.

Familiar sports apps, like Strava, TrainingPeaks and Relive are integrated into the Suunto app.

The Suunto 5 has robust stainless-steel bezels, and four variants – All Black, White, Burgundy Copper and Graphite Copper. It has a RRP of $550 and can be ordered from June 4, 2019 viasuunto.com