While there’s plenty of trials going on across the Telcos there’s not yet been a device you can walk out of a retail store having purchased and connect to a 5G network – until now.

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On Tuesday Telstra will be selling the HTC 5G Hub in store, which goes on sale today online.

It’s a 5G and 4GX media hotspot – which is actually a mini Android device but primarily will be used as a hotspot for all your connected devices.

Telstra CEO Andy Penn said this is a significant milestone for 5G “Our launch of the HTC 5G Hub is the moment 5G becomes a reality for Australian consumers,”

“Since 2016, we have been working with some of the world’s leading technology brands to ensure Australians are among the first in the world to be able to access 5G.

“HTC has been a key partner for Telstra, innovating new technologies and driving greater connectivity for our customers. This launch of Australia’s first 5G mobile device is a testament to that partnership” Mr Penn continued “and we are proud to be launching it today”.

HTC have been working with Telstra on this for some time, so it makes sense for them to be the first to launch. Thomas Dexmier from HTC in Australia said, “HTC is very proud to partner with Telstra to bring the first 5G media hotspot to Australia. With the HTC 5G Hub, customers will be able to experience the power and speed of Telstra’s 5G network in an innovative device, that combines the advanced capabilities of a mobile hotspot with the versatility of the Android operating system, allowing them to connect at home, at work, and on the go.”

Usage might be simple, but data doesn’t come cheap.

While it’s not pitched as an NBN replacement, many will question how a 5G device sits against the NBN as a home broadband solution.

The answer is that no matter the speed, you are paying $104 per month for 100GB of data, while most NBN plans are unlimited at a similar or lower price.

Currently, 5G is only available in core CBD locations, and some selected regional areas – it’s far from a complete network. But, devices like this will work well on Telstra’s 4G network offering their best 4G speeds while you wait for 5G in your area.