Google’s stretching of the “search engine” label pushes further this weekend with a new interactive Best on Ground AFL voting system launching.

Gone are the days of searching for something, then seeing results, then clicking a link, then finding the function and following it. These days you can search a flight number and see its status, you can search the time in any city and just see the time.

AFL fans can now search “AFL Vote” during any AFL Game and get the chance to lodge their vote without ever leaving the search.

Here’s how it might look – you search AFL Vote and you’ll immediately see the game that’s on and pick your team:

Then choose a player:


Aisling Finch, from Google Australia says “We know Aussies love sport, and come to Search to follow teams, scores, news and ladders.We’re delighted to team up with the AFL to bring Aussies a new way to get into the action and vote for their favourite players.”

It’s a cool feature – and with this test out in the wild, we can only assume it will expand to other sports soon!