You’d like to think that it’s not that hard to score a 5 star rating from your Uber driver right?

I mean – you’re paying them for the ride, how hard could it be.

EFTM has been looking at the conversations of Uber Drivers online and we’ve noticed something interesting that you might not realise.

Not all drivers are as straightforward (and kind) as this one:

Oh no. Many of them are very prepared to click down the star rating when you leave the car.

Why? Not because you don’t talk to them – not even because you talk to much.

It’s more likely you’ll get a lower rating because you slammed the door on your way out!

Seriously. The other big one – and it’s pretty obvious is the technicolour yawn. Spew in a car you’re going to cop a low rating.

But what surprises is the number of times that Door Slamming sits alongside the old up-chuck!

So, have some respect will ya – and gently shut that door!

(Probably explains my 4.78 star rating to be honest 😂)