You would think that when you saw the word’s “Australian Made” on a bottle of Apple Cider, it would be a safe bet the Apples were grown here. However, this is not so. Back in 2016 The Federal Government introduced a Country of Origin Labelling system.

However, cider being an alcoholic beverage is actually classed as a non-priority food under those rules. This means that cider can claim to be true blue Aussie because it’s fermented here, while the ingredients are grown elsewhere.

As a result, Cider Australia has launched a 100% Australian Grown trust mark. The industry-led initiative which is backed by the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package, will ensure consumers know where their cider of choice really comes from.

The Cider Trust Mark

The ‘back-to-earth’ cider trust actually launched back in October 2018. There are currently 47 cider producers committed to the scheme.

Cider Australia President, Sam Reid said: “The trust mark is going well and has really unified the cider community,”

“The trust mark gives producers and orchardists a way to unite behind and take to market Australian grown craft cider, and I’m really proud of the work the team and industry have done to get the trust mark off the ground.

“We have existing producers lining up to put the trust mark on their product, as well as new producers joining Cider Australia. We’re also starting to see excitement with consumers, showing really strong, functional and emotional reasons to support Australian producers and orchardists.

“The trust mark appearing on cider bottles at this time of year is very timely from an export perspective. We’re seeing an increase in a consumer trend globally and in Australia with more and more interest of the style of cider from different markets, providing a different perspective of what traditional cider has been from the UK and France.”

So, look for the Cider Trust Mark the next time you’re looking from some local fruity bubbles.