There are plenty of methods to keep our increasingly powerful smartphones charged up. But it’s charging speed that is now most important. Wireless charging has come a long way in just a few years, in fact many new cars include a pad for Qi-enabled smartphones. But it’s always been a frustratingly slow process, but now you don’t have to put up with this compromise.

Say for example you’re sitting at your desk like I am now. The last thing the EFTM HQ work area needs is another tangled up wire or cable. To overcome this, I’ve recently be using the EFM 15W Wireless Charge Pad both at the office and home.

The 15W figure is obviously the major drawcard here, it provides a charge that’s up to 30 per cent faster than many 5W charges for phones that can handle it. In fact, I’m certain it charges my iPhone XS Max quicker then any cable can, but as a reader pointed out to me the iPhone I have is limited to 7.5W charging.

The pad is so powerful it actually needs an onboard fan, however it’s virtually silent, you’d need to put your ear alongside it to even know it’s running.

There’s LED indicator lights to visually let you know when it’s charging. Plus you can also continue using the phone while it sits on the pad.

The round black disc design is sleek and will blend in with your décor easily. In the box is the EFM 15W Wireless Charge Pad, a Warranty Details / Instruction Manual, and a 1m Type-C to USB-A Cable.

The way we used it at home was interesting. Think about how many times a day do you pick up and put down your phone? As a result I set it up on the kitchen bench, every time I was cooking dinner, attending to some atrocity my two-year old son had committed or simply when I didn’t need to carry the phone around it was on the pad being incrementally charged each time.

It actually came close to causing a blue with my wife, as we both competed for some “pad” time! It’s a great product, there are other 15W ultra-fast chargers around, but this one is worth a look for an Aussie owned company.

The EFM 15 Wireless Charge Pad will set you back $59.95.

Oh one more thing, thank goodness the letter T didn’t get a run for this brand!