While today’s launch of Alcatel’s 2019 smartphone lineup was intended to focus on the three new phones there was a hint of some very interesting things to come.

Alcatel’s parent company TCL operates a range of brands and some new products planned for the Australian market were teased at today’s launch.

None more interesting than the PALM. TCL now licence the PALM name and while the old Palm Pilot isn’t coming back, they’ve taken it to the extreme with a mini smartphone that quite literally fits into the palm of your hand.

Local boss Sam Skontos suggests the product could sell in Australia for less than $700, most likely through a direct retail channel rather than through a telco partner.

While overseas the PALM is designed to operate a Single Number across a second SIM card – that isn’t possible with Aussie telcos. So, when it launches here it will be a second phone, or you’ll need to put your existing SIM into this each time you want to use it.

As a “switch off” phone its a fun little idea – staying in touch, while also keeping your favourite apps available.

An update to the Family Watch is also coming, with 4G connectivity and a new camera above the watch face.

This allows for video calls with the kids no matter where they are.

And while tablets are much of a muchness these days, check out this package from Alcatel.

It’s a tablet that pairs with a Bluetooth speaker which has a kick out stand allowing the tablet to sit atop the speaker on a desktop or bench to give you a great way to view videos or listen to music while keeping in touch with what’s happening on your tablet.

This model features a very nice design, a triple lens camera flush with the back and is pegged as premium specs at mid-range pricing.

All exciting products that will expand the Australian portfolio. Look out for them on some or all of the retail channels announced today as stockists of the new Alcatel devices (Officeworks, Australia Post, JB Hi-Fi and Amazon)