5G is the next big thing, both for consumers in our connectivity to each other and the world, and for the Telcos for whom it’s the next big battle ground for revenue.

But, there’s a concern. Are we jumping to fast into this next generation technology? Should there be more testing done on the impacts of 5G on our health?

Today in Melbourne a large group of protesters took to the street outside Telstra’s Head Office to complain:


Not entirely useful on a Saturday given the lack of executives there to give a rats about their protest – but, leaving that aside they sure had some numbers.

Photo by Rob Locke

Their message in the headline was clear – stop 5G – but the subtext of their protest was less so.

“100 times more radiation, 100 times more harm!” on sign said.

Photo by Rob Locke

Then there’s this flyer warning of “Wireless Radiation coming to your neighbourhood”

Anyone digging into that flyer further will find information like this:

Every Death Tower Surpasses Bio-initiative Safety Standards.

With the GQ EMF-390, you can see the dangers before your very eyes. You’ll see who is getting dosed, and you’ll be able to discover the hidden dangers lurking in your home.

The EMF-390 detects Electric fields, Magnetic fields, and RF radiation.

These Death Towers are not Safe, and you must act now in order to Protect Yourself and Your Loved ones.

Yep, Death Towers.

Photo by Rob Locke

But let’s first deal with the people behind a flyer and website like that – most likely the people responsible for the protests. More than just scaring the pants of you, they’re out to profit from you.

Every person who clicks the link on their website to buy the EMF machine, will be giving a cut of the sale back to the website via an affiliate program. Seems legit.

But the real bottom line here is, relax. 5G is no more of a concern than the many “wireless” technologies we’ve had in our lives for many, many years.

And by that I mean the WiFi in your home. The 4G Tower in your suburb, and the 3G tower before that.

Oh, and the Television signal blasting through your city, and the radio signals too.

In fact, TV signals are created using much higher power than any mobile tower, and their inefficient use of spectrum would likely be more of a concern in any case – but we shut down Analogue TV some years ago to make way for these new Mobile technologies. After many decades of TV broadcasting – there’s been no direct link to any health concerns has there?

Photo by Rob Locke

The truth, which tin-foil hat wearing strange folks won’t bother dealing with is that there has been a lot of scientific testing done by governments and industry bodies. Those tests show 5G emitting electromagnetic energy levels that are the same as 3G and 4G – let alone the WiFi right within your home.

Spending the day in out in the Sun is probably more harmful than living under a mobile tower – so, slip slop slap folks.

Glad this guy had his “hat” on:) . Photo by Rob Locke