KitKat, you know that chocolate and wafer snack that has long used the catch cry “Have a break, have a KitKat.” Well the people at KitKat have stumbled over some interesting data that indicates we should basically take their advice and down tools. This is all part of a marketing campaign to “snap out of it” when is comes to these first world problems.

KitKat is giving all Aussies the chance to win a personalised break. You can sign up at KitKat Break Society.

New KitKat campaign

But back to the data. Apparently just one in four Aussies take regular breaks during the working day. If that’s the case then they better send a pallet of it to EFTM HQ, because we have nailed taking a break let me tell you!

The results were deduced by scanning social feeds across the nation. What sparked our interest is that technology is a major bugbear. Things like slow internet connections, unhelpful autocorrects and social media are sending us cuckoo.

Entertainment comes in at second but it appears we can’t make our minds up. KitKat found that people whinge about the limited number of shows they can stream, but also having too much choice. Other irritants include choosing what to eat each day, crap restaurant experiences, and hunting down overpriced coffees.

Here is the top 10 complaints Aussies called out as annoyances in their life.

  1. Digital savviness
  2. Streaming struggles
  3. Poor food experiences
  4. Travel mishaps
  5. Adulting
  6. Shopping debacles
  7. Mastering your budgeting
  8. Weather woes
  9. Work-life balance
  10. Parenting – to kids and pets!

Where’s my KitKat…?