Australia is all about pub food. No longer the domain of the No Frills sausage and dehydrated mash, pub food has become something of a gourmet experience. If you live in Sydney, there’s a sure fire way to get the best.

The Sydney Morning Herald has covered the topic in its annual book The Good Pub Food Guide. Much like The Good Food Guide but without the pomp and celebration, it points people in the right direction of great pub grub that usually comes without stupid price tags. We say usually and mean it.

By admittance, the Herald says it has concentrated more on the food than the drink this time, so make sure you put your stomach first when it comes to picking pubs using The Good Pub Food Guide… it should be kind of obvious from the title.

In an article released today to promote the books, pubs that get the nod of approval include Welcome Hotel in Rozelle, Four in Hand in Paddington, Peel Inn in Nundle, Woolpack in Redfern, Northies Cronulla Hotel, the Epping (seriously?) and the best overall pub – Burrawang Hotel, Burrawang.

Next time you’re looking for a good feed, stop by at someone else’s local.