OPSM has just introduced a new app that can determine if your eyesight needs looking at. The OPSM Eye Check App, has been designed to help Aussies understand things like distance vision, lifestyle, visual acuity, astigmatism and contrast.

If the app does highlight a potential problem, you can then book an appointment at a local OPSM store. The eye check requires three to five minutes of your time. Holding your smart phone at arm’s length, the app runs a series of images across the screen. It’s actually not too dissimilar to the tests conducted by a qualified Optometrist. For example, it starts with you covering one eye while a number of letters appear on the screen, which get smaller and smaller as the test goes on.

Peter Murphy, OPSM Director of Eyecare and Community, says: “Regular eye tests are critical for checking both the health of your eyes and general wellbeing. There is a misconception that only those who have corrective eyewear need to have eye tests, however, regular screenings are crucial in detecting eye diseases such as glaucoma, as well as indicators for broader health issues such as diabetes

“As part of OPSM’s ongoing commitment to improving the eye health of all Australians, we hope this free app encourages people to make eye health a priority. It is, however, not a substitute for a full eye exam with an optometrist. We recommend an eye test at least once every two years or more frequently depending on clinical need.”

The new OPSM Eye Check App is available to download for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today.