Talk about making mountains out of molehills – reports of iTunes death have been greatly exaggerated now that Apple’s WWDC Keynote is behind us.

While Apple were excited to announce a suite of new apps for the next version of Mac OS, there was no mention of what happens for Windows users.

On Mac OS you’ll now have a Music, Apple TV and Podcast app – each individual, each customised to their content.

As far as Windows PCs are concerned, EFTM has confirmed with Apple that for Windows users “the experience stays the same” and there are no further announcements to make at this time regarding iTunes.

So hey, it made for a good headline, but the fact is the majority of iTunes users were most likely Windows users (just based around market penetration of Windows vs MacOS) so for the majority, the experience will remain the same.

In fact, I’d argue that for Mac Users there’s a higher likelyhood they are iPhone users, so the experience of separate Music, Podcast and Apple TV apps will actually be more familiar.

This is not to say we won’t see an Apple Music app for Windows in the year ahead, but for now, Long live iTunes!

Trevor Long travelled to San Jose as a guest of Apple – I mean, how the hell else would he get there – it’s not like you are paying to read this!