You know when someone moves away from a metropolitan area and labels the move as a “Tree Change” or even “Sea Change” well how about this, a “V8 Change.” Adrenaline, the company behind packages that revolve around thrill seeking experiences has come up with this pearler.

They have set their sights on finding a V8 Hot Lap driver that will ultimately join a professional team for 12 months. You will literally be paid to take Adrenaline customers for high-speed shenanigans on tracks across the country, including the world-famous Mount Panorama.

Now they say no experience is necessary, but I’m tipping you’ll need to know your way around a car and have a degree of bravado. If you’re keen you need to purchase a training package ($1,250 available on finance through Afterpay and Zipay) from Adrenaline.

What that gets you is 2 x 10 hot lap sessions with a professional racing coach, followed by an evaluation by a panel of racing experts.

The final top ten will then be announced and flown to Melbourne via an all-expenses paid trip. Drivers will then be given a final three qualifying laps. The fastest average speed applicant is then awarded the gig.

The successful applicant will receive: A one-year Fastrack V8 Race hot lap driver contract, a generous salary of $500 per day for a minimum of 70 days ($35,000 approx.), extensive professional training prior to the commencement of the contract, timeless driver suit (available in a selection of colours) and of course eternal racing glory

I reckon I could fit this into my schedule as a matter of fact. But seriously, how awesome is this!