Something has really been bugging me recently, in fact it’s really starting to piss me off. Now I have the ability to pull myself up these days, I no longer sweat the small stuff. But this issue makes me boil, it makes me seethe and according to my Apple Watch even elevates my heart rate. The problem is this, drivers not doing the posted speed limit. 

I’m not talking about people speeding, I’m referring to what I call the “malingerer.” This category of driver traditionally only came out on Sunday, they usually don’t drive during the week and for some reason feel it’s OK to do 35km/h in a 60 zone, I can handle that. But once these people interfere with my commute to work, we’re going to have a problem.

Now look I’m no Mother Teresa behind the wheel, but I’ve only been nabbed for speeding a couple of times. Driving off with the darn EFTM number plate still stuck to a car was my most recent offence. One that saw me stripped of three points and $425.

But seriously how hard is it to stick to the posted limit. If you are that timid or hypersensitive behind the wheel, well what are you doing there in the first place? Cars these days are more than equipped to travel at speed, even in the wet within reason. In fact it’s a fiasco we’re limited to just 100 or 110km/h on freeways and motorways. 

But there may well be a surprising reason for this. According to Australian Design Rules (ADR) your speedo can be out by up to 14km/h, but only under the posted speed limit. If you really want to calculate it yourself here’s the ADR formula.

Passenger cars are considered as (MA) vehicles. For the others here’s another table for your own edification.

But please to those malingers out there can you at the very least run with the flow of traffic? Also why is it that more often than not this type of driver is driving a white Camry with a tissue box on the back shelf?

Rant over.