Ferrari and Maranello are intrinsically linked in the automotive world, with good reason. The brand literally personifies motorsport and sports cars while the town is the birthplace of the famous prancing horse. In September will see an amazing event take place, Universo Ferrari, will be the first ever exhibition totally dedicated to the brand and open to the general public.

The rarefied Ferrari club or “international clientele” will still be given a chance to see the latest models behind closed doors, however us mere mortals will also be given access, by joining a queue anyway.

A structure has been constructed just for the event and will showcase all aspects of the company’s activities spanning classic cars right through to today’s models. The recently announced SF90 Stradale, Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid will be on display. In doing so it also makes its European debut.

So, you better book a flight to Italy quick, should be a top couple of days. I guess I’ll wait by the mailbox for my invite.

There will be more details at Ferrari’s website soon.