Look I’ve said some terrible things about Nissan’s infotainment system, the most hurtful being “it predates MS-DOS.” But today the brand has redeemed itself somewhat by offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on Nissan Navara SL, ST and ST-X grades.

The all-new Alliance In-Vehicle Infotainment sees the interface and menu’s reworked. Screen real estate has increased to 8.0-inch via a colour touchscreen. 

AM/FM radio is still included along with USB, AUX and Bluetooth® functions. But the CD player has finally met its maker. 

The Nissan Navara SL now scores satellite navigation integration via device mirroring, while Navara ST and ST-X grades now include a new TomTom sat nav system.

Aussie Nissan Boss Stephen Lester said, “Nissan is pleased to introduce Apply CarPlay and Android Auto to Nissan Navara,” 

“We took the opportunity to introduce this technology with our updated infotainment system – one that not only looks great but is modern, simple and intuitive to connect to and use.”

Amen to that.