Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 10 series in just a few short weeks on August 7th. In the lead-up to launch, Samsung is getting their regulatory ducks in a row, and that means certification by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It’s at the FCC where live pictures of the Galaxy Note 10+ have shown up overnight.

The FCC submission included live photos of the phone, which have since been removed, showing that after years of resisting the removal of the headphone jack, Samsung has finally capitulated.

The large screen is expected to be 6.7″ in size, which these live pics seem to confirm. If that’s a little large, the smaller Note 10 is expected to have a 6.3″ display.

Also shown in the photos is the changing button layout for the Note series. Samsung has generally put the power button on the right, with the volume rocker and much maligned Bixby button on the left. The pictures from the FCC shows a new layout with three buttons on the left, seemingly confirming rumours of Samsung ditching the Bixby button may hold weight, with only three buttons visible.

The triple rear camera setup shown on the Note 10+ is expected to include a 3D time-of-flight sensor as well as the cameras and flash. Though what combination of cameras will be used is unclear at the moment.

Samsung has long used the Note series as their test-bed for design language improvements on their flagship S line, so the new button layout, and lack of headphone jack is likely showing up on the Galaxy S11 next year.

A big reveal from the FCC filing is the lack of any 5G on the phone. Samsung launched their Galaxy S10 line-up earlier this year with a separate 5G model launched later in the year, and it appears they’ll be doing this with the Note 10 series as well.

While we’ve now seen the Galaxy Note 10 in the flesh as it were, the internals of the phone aren’t exactly clear but we are expecting it to be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9 Octa 9820 chipset.

The Note 10 series, and likely a few more goodies, will be unveiled on August 7th (August 8th AEST) in Brooklyn, New York. Stay tuned for all the details.