I cannot believe what I’ve been sent today. A press release slid into the EFTM inbox that has me rattled. According to a national survey of Australians more than 50 per cent of us believe chocolate belongs in the fridge and not the pantry.

56 per cent of us preferred chilled chocolate, which frankly is an outrage. Doesn’t chocolate go a tad white when stored in the fridge? I have never seen a servo have its array of chocolate’s in the fridge, the same at Woollies and Coles. So, what the actual hell is going on here?

The incriminating survey called the “2019 Home Trends Report” was conducted by Mitsubishi Electric Australia. The report is so detailed it unearthed this gem. Blokes are the main offenders at 63 per cent while 51 per cent of women prefer it at room temperature.

A state by state break down reveals these chocolate chillers are most prevalent in Queensland (75 per cent) followed by South Australia (59 per cent), Western Australia (68 per cent), NSW at (52 per cent) followed by Victoria (61 per cent).

Mitsubishi Electric ambassador and celebrity chef Ed Halmagyi, says: “Technically, there’s no reason chocolate has to live in the fridge. Chilled chocolate can taste different as cooler temperatures alter the flavour. I’d recommend storing your chocolate in a cool, dark, airtight space, unless it’s high summer and you enjoy a sticky, melted mess.”

Thanks scoop.

But it gets even more interesting. Everyday products such as sauce, Vegemite, eggs, bread and jam have also split the nation. I think all of those products, with the exception of Vegemite, belong in the fridge. However once again each state had their own ideas.

Overall 57 per cent of people put their tomato sauce in the fridge. State by state figures sit at NSW (63 per cent), Queensland (63 per cent) and South Australia (56 per cent) who store their sauce chilled while Victoria and Western Australia disagree and chuck theirs in the cupboard.

Eggs (90 per cent) and jam (73 per cent) overwhelming are stored the fridge favourites, while Vegemite (74 per cent) and bread (61 per cent) belong in the cupboard.

The survey goes on and on. But we want to hear from you!!

By the way Mitsubishi Electric, I’m more than happy to review a washing machine, ours is stuffed.